Struggling To Become a CCNA ? Pass Now
No need to worry, I'm here to guide you. I have gained my CCNA after going through a well organised study technique. I was able to score 986/1000 in my first attempt for which I studied hard for a month not more than that. I want you to go through the simple study plan which I'm suggesting for getting success in CCNA exam. The technique which I'm going to explain is also useful for pursuing your CCNP and higher certificatons. Post your queries and request and check my post regularly on this blog for your success.

I completed my CCNA, CCNP & CCIP (BGP+MPLS) and working towards CCIE.
Trust me, I will show you the right path. I started this blog in the year 2007, I could not post regularly since I was busy with my project. Now I have decided to help young people who are eager to succeed. I would be really happy to help anyone who is really interested in succeeding in career.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


14+ Hours of Cisco Networking and CCENT Certification Training Videos..
Introduction to Networking - TCP/IP and OSI Model
Learn about Ethernet and Ethernet Standards
Cisco Switch and Router Commands
IP Addressing and Routing Process
Basic Network Protocols - DNS, ARP, DHCP
Router Memory, Configuration Files, Basic Router Commands
Wireless LANs
Static Routing and Introduction Routing Protocol
Cisco WANS
Troubleshooting Cisco Networks and Cisco Hardware

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hasan said...

can you please make available the cisco CCENT CBT (CCNA Study Technique) because I'm trying to download it and on rapidshare page it says "File not found".

Please make this available so others can download it.


ITExam_Blog said...
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