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Monday, August 31, 2009

How To Select A Good CBT Video

Using CCNA video training is a great way to study for your CCNA. There are several advantages, including low cost and having a highly qualified virtual instructor to teach you the difficult networking concepts anytime and anywhere. You are able to repeat the virtual class as many times as you like, until you are able to understand. Here are 6 factors to consider when you are buying CCNA video training:

1. Instructor - There is a large variety of CCNA video training available on the market. The best ones are taught by highly qualified CCIE certified network engineers. These instructors typically have years of experience in the networking industry and are not only able to teach the material well, they can also share with you tips and tricks from an industry insider's perspective. Be sure to check the qualifications and experience of the instructor before getting any video training.

2. Quality of CCNA Video Training - The resolution of the videos are crucial to the learning experience. Although it is definitely not necessary to have high-definition video, they must be clear enough for you to be able to learn effectively. For example, if the video is demonstrating command line configuration, the resolution should be enough so that you can watch the commands being typed in and the corresponding results.

3. Formats - You should take note of the format of the training video to ensure that the video can be played on your computer. If if it's in an industry standard format such as AVI or WMV, this should present less issues when trying to play the video.

4. Bonuses - Some video packages include many valuable bonuses including videos and audio files which can be played on your iPod, transcriptions of the video training and included practice tests. The cost of these extras will definitely add up, should you need to purchase them separately. It's definitely a great boon if they are all included in the package for the same price.

5. Guarantee - Does the video package come with any guarantees? Although it's not guaranteed that you will pass the CCNA exam, CCNA video training can be rather expensive (when compared to a book) and it is always reassuring that you get a satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee period should also be at least a month long so you have time to use the training and evaluate it to see if it's a quality product.

6. Cost - How much does the training cost? A good training package need not be too expensive. There are many discount deals if you know where to look. A complete and good quality CCNA video training package can be purchased for under $400, often with many bonuses thrown in.

By Francis W Teo

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